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I photograph not only events, but also those other special moments in your life. 
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Hello. Every time I walk into an event I’m intensely aware of just how much life is happening all around me.

That deep breath moment when the show must go on. The Tom-Cruise-look-alike killin’ it on the dance floor. And that tearful reunion of Aunt Joan and Aunt Dottie – This is the real-life stuff. And I don’t take my part in capturing it, lightly. I’m always rooting for the players involved: for speeches that nail it, for facing fears, and life-long love. And I’m honored to have a role in making those precious memories endure.

Safeguarding those memories – that’s my job. And whatever happens – when buses run late, and babies are crying, and Maddox won’t keep his shirt tucked in – I will make it work. And you can just enjoy your moment. So, if you’re looking for a photographer who will take away a little of your stress; who takes her role in your memories seriously; who can help people relax; then it’s nice to meet you. 

I’m Courtney Collins. And I’d really like to chat with you about your next event.

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